Using Git Worktree

This is a short intro to Git Worktree (opens in a new tab) that I posted to my work Slack at the time. I was so excited to find out about it after I felt like using git a long time.

It's quite a wonderful git feature you should check out.

Checkout a New Branch on Disk at a Different Location

git worktree add -b new-branch ~/code/folder/my-new-folder-name main

Show What's on Disk in That Folder

ls -l ~/code/folder
cd ~/code/folder/my-new-folder-name
ls # it's the whole project checked out at HEAD in this directory! No more stashing!

See All Existing Git Worktrees

git worktree list

That's cool!!!! Linked to the same git repo, you have a physical copy/directory to work in!

You can have your repo checked out at different commits as a directory.

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