Capture A Single Frame from a HTML Video

This is amazing idea similar to my No Ads Snippet. But this snippet you paste into the console of your browser will open a new window with the current frame you're paused on a video site (like YouTube – it works there!), and allow you you to then right-click and save that sweet frame of video.

Hat tip to the awesome Dave Rupert for the idea (opens in a new tab).

This will come in useful.

const v = document.querySelector('video')
let c = document.createElement('canvas')
c.height = v.videoHeight || parseInt(
c.width = v.videoWidth || parseInt(
const ctx = c.getContext('2d')
ctx.drawImage(v, 0, 0)
const wnd ='')
wnd.document.write(`<img src="${c.toDataURL()}"/>`)
Updated Last:2024-04-01T17:25:51.000Z