Create a Github Repo from the CLI

I have used GitHub CLI (opens in a new tab) for some time, but I was manually created repos using the web interface on, and then I was like, "Wait can't I do this quickly on the CLI??".


When you're ready to push your local repo to a newly created one on github, you can run the command in the root of the project.

Here's how, you run this command and it has a nice little wizard that it walks you through:

gh repo create

The output looks like

? What would you like to do? Push an existing local repository to GitHub
? Path to local repository .
? Repository name test
? Repository owner program247365
? Description A place to track all your side projects
? Visibility Private
✓ Created repository program247365/test on GitHub
? Add a remote? Yes
? What should the new remote be called? origin
✓ Added remote